Samsung OneUI

what is Samsung OneUI?

it is an Android modified by Samsung

why do I buy Samsung phone?

only Samsung and Apple phone is easily bought here, Xiaomi, Asus, Oppo are also available but it is less common

what is wrong with OneUI?

first it is bloated, full of apps and features that you don't need like, upday, flipboard, linkedin, word, ant, ar apps, bixby, link sharing, wifi direct which don't work with other Android

and it also sends lots of automatic request, from dqa, diagmonagent, and other samsung apps(including homescreen)

there are also report by appledaily that if you are at certain region like hong kong, all your DNS request are rerouted to 114, congent

can you disable it?

you can, you need adb and command like this "adb shell pm disable-user --user 0"

can you disable all apps?

no, com.sec.ims will cause bootloop, will cause you not able to change mobile network.