Getcontact - privacymatter level nightmare

what is Getcontact?

basically it is an app to prevent scammer calling you

how does it work?

so getcontact use add tag feature to name you

how I found out getcontact is a privacy nightmare

thanks to my brother telling me that my private information is on getcontact

what kind of information about me is on getcontact?

my date of birth, my kids name, my parents name, my full address

why Getcontact is a privacy nightmare?

a service like google/facebook usually get to publish your data after you sign up and agree to publish your data, but getcontact is different, I have never sign up or agree for them to actually publish my data, but they are doing so without even telling me.

are there any way to delete it?

yes you can delete your profile from here, it only allow you to use whatsapp to verify yourself,